Beloved Adi (in Hebrew the name Adi means jewel)

You are indeed a jewel, a very rare and dear one not to be easily found.

It is my great privilege to be your friend and a great joy to be your client.

You have built for me an amazing website, exciting and tailored to my measurements accurately.

You are occupational and a true non compromising professionalist, exact and so authentic in your work.

It is said that knowledge is power and you are blessed with an amazing amount of it that comes forth in every aspect of your work.

More than that, you have been blessed with the gift of giving, that I have not encountered up to now.

Your investment and attention that all small details would be perfect, your care to stand up to the time schedule and your dedication to bring the best out of me and not to let me give up is genius.

It is said that manners precede knowledge and you are a living proof of that.

Apart from being a very high level professional, you are a highly evolved human being and spirit.

I wish for any business, big or small, to acquire the privilege to work and be acquainted with a person so special and qualified as you are, cause there is no compromising on quality and you do deliver the most elite results.

With a lot of love

Or Almog OrHakesem.com

Dear Adi,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the development and design of my site.

I appreciate your professionalism , proficiency and knowledge you have shown

I thank you for your patience and the going with my ideas,

I appreciate the personal attention and guidance you provide even after the site is on air.

I thank you that you are available to me, even at less comfortable moments.

And I most appreciate your friendship. Thank you very much.

With love,

Noa Zehavi NoaZehavi.com

Dear Adi,

Thank you for the lovely site you designed for me.

Thank you for your unique ability to execute exactly what I imagined.

The stunning designs, and perfect accuracy that is reflected even in the smallest details.

And needless to say the amazing responses I received from my friends.

Hadas Ben Ami Aroma-Fresh.com

Dear Adi,

I thank you for years of developing and designing my sites (I counted there are 4)…

Each site is enlightened with its own uniqueness, an exclusive design and its special needs that requirements.

Years of support and assistance on all matters, whether technical, graphical,or marketing knowledge.

Your knowledge and professionalism, your understanding and loving eye, your ability to match our needs, your loyalty to cooperative creativity.

Your clear, progressive thinking,the professional accompaniment adapted over time and changes that occur in internet science.

All these have greatly contributed to the exposure to my clients in the way i chose and serves me well.

I am happy for our acquaintenship, thank you for the range of talents that unite and manifest in you and serve us well.

With love and gratitude

Efrat Sar-Shalom EfratSarShalom.com

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